Testing the WordPress Waters


I’ve finally taken the plunge into WordPress. What pushed me off the cliff? It was a flash fiction piece I posted on Charli Mills’s Carrot Ranch site recently.

Charli invites her community of “Rough Writers” to compose on and post links to their own websites rather than create the flash in the comment section, but having grown frustrated with my Memoir Crafter blog, I have been posting my flashes in Charli’s comment box for weeks now.  When I included (in addition to an opening comment and a title) a quote at the top of yesterday’s flash piece, then notes at the bottom on certain subtleties relevant to the flash, my post unrolled down the page like an endless Asian scroll. The time to migrate over to WordPress had come.

I had put off this day for months. All those fears of being too tech-challenged; too undisciplined to ratchet up my writing practice; too time-squeezed to do it right. All excuses of course. I was simply loathe to park my bottom in the chair and work my way through those first mists of confusion. (Do I go WordPress.org or WordPress.com? Which host do I use if I opt for the .org? What about the theme? The plug-ins? Etc. Etc. Etc.) Thankfully, a review of a webinar I had taken some months back by writer and digital-age-publishing guru Jane Friedman provided the impetus and confidence I needed.

So, as of 4:30 PM MST on tax day, 2015, I am jeannelombardo.com. I am sure I’ll be riding this learning curve for some weeks, and making many changes, but I am happy to finally test the waters. And I am excited at the prospect of developing both my writing and my writing services on this highly regarded platform. Would love to hear anecdotes of your early experience with WordPress and how you made it work for you!

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