Celebrating The Ageless Way with Karen Sands

With Karen Sands, Connecticut 2015

Today I highlight Gero-Futurist, thought leader on the longevity economy, and wise woman Karen Sands on the eve of the release of her new book, The Ageless Way. I’ve known Karen for over a decade and watched with awe the amazing work she has done to advance the “positive aging” possibilities for Baby Boomers who are ready to reshape their role in the world. Karen has also built a network of like-minded change agents and visionaries, some of whom are offering bonus gifts to those who purchase the book on September 30. I invite you to explore Karen’s work here. As I said in my endorsement of the book, Karen “sounds a clarion call to ditch denial and embrace the power of positive aging.” The book is “rich in resources, expansive in scope … an inspirational bible of feminist benchmarks and practical primer on how to leave the same old “old” in the dust.”


Can You Imagine Living Life and Leading with More Presence, Clarity, Boldness, Vibrancy, Abundance and Ease at every age?

It’s Yours for the Taking ~ The New Ageless Story Will Show You How!

More of us than ever before are ready to reshape the chaos of our lives and planet, to change what aging means while transforming our lives and our world. The old story of aging no longer applies – if it ever did. We have more to give, not less, with each new year. Why deny age when we can transcend it? We can live beyond time, beyond age. We can be Ageless.

Join me in an exploration of past, present, and future stories, from the ancient oracles to modern trends in everything from entrepreneurship and the economy, science and technology, health and beauty, community and politics-stories and trends that lead to one extraordinary conclusion: We are on the cusp of the new story of our age, as individuals and as a planet, a story in which multiple generations have an opportunity to redefine age and reimagine the future together, and in doing so, transform the world in visionary ways. It’s time for us to illuminate this new story about what it means to age across our life course, a story in which we step forward to be not who we should be as we age but who we can be.

Let the old story go. Let the new story begin.

The Ageless Way is being referred to as a resource and reference for the ages. A book that you return to again and again . . . not only in regards to your own life, but to better understand how every gender and every generation can co-collaborate to change the future entirely.

Because aging is not about who we think we should be . . . it’s about who we CAN be.

As heartfelt as it is insightful and provocative, The Ageless Way uses myth, science fiction, personal anecdotes, practical information, fairytales, inspiring stories to cover important, paradigm-shifting topics like:

  • Positive and Conscious Aging
  • Ageless Women
  • Ageless Attraction and Beauty
  • The Longevity Economy
  • Encore Careers & Ageless Reinvention
  • Letting Go
  • Elderhood
  • The Generational Divide
  • An ‘Ageless Future’

If you want to be free of whatever is holding you back from true Agelessness and start living and leading as an Ageless Visionary with wrinkles that you know is within you, you’ll want to read this book.

Your story is not over. In fact, it’s only just beginning.
The Ageless Way is your personal invitation to make it one worth sharing.

To purchase the book and receive your 50+ bonus gifts go to: http://www.karensands.com/taw

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Karen’s work. How do you feel about aging? Do you see changes in our society at this historic moment in time when we are about to elect our first woman president, one who is 68 years old? Do you agree that “70 is the new 50”? as a column by Gail Collins in the NY Times asserted today? Let’s join Karen and bring this discussion mainstream!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating The Ageless Way with Karen Sands

  1. It’s too bad we ever put the word “old” after “growing.” Aging seems to be an extension of that thought — growing old. I’d rather think we never stop growing, learning, doing, being. Every season changes. The more we can embrace the change, the better we adapt. But I know from working in the natural and organic industry that aging is a huge topic among Baby Boomers. The amount of products and the impact of BB on the industry are profound. And that let’s those who follow learn from that. Looks like a good book!

    1. Yes, “growing old.” I had not thought about that combination of words. Sort of contradictory, don’t you think. Once you are old how can you keep growing? Apparently for the BBs the answer is we are just not going to get old. Note how we appropriated the word “older” in that term–we want to continually grow, but not grow old :-/ Baby Boomers have definitely changed attitudes towards aging. We are just not going to go quietly into that good night. And though we have to watch out for the hype, we have so much opportunity to avail ourselves of fitness and whole food trends and opportunities to re-imagine and realize new paths all through our lives. I’m sure the Gen Xers will exceed us in their quest to live life to the fullest. As for the book, yes it is a good one. Karen draws from a lot of feminist and other thinkers to support her arguments. I will send it to you if you like so you don’t have to buy it.

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