Labor Day Writing on Nature from Charli Mills

No doubt many of you have escaped the city this Labor Day weekend for inspiring vistas, the lull of waves or wind in the pines, the rejuvenating and grounding powers of Nature. If you haven’t (poor Jeanne has only her back yard for solace), or if you just love beautiful writing, you’ll be transported by this lyrical and evocative post on nature and saying goodbye from writer and blogger Charli Mills with two superb flashes to follow. Click on the link for the full post. You won’t be sorry.

And best wishes for a great break from your labors!

There’s a place on earth where cedar wax-wings dip low enough to know air and water amalgamate. High overhead the sky is blue as only sky can be; no jewel can rob its glory. Osprey fish the river and eagles hunt from higher above, sometimes stealing from the osprey. It’s as if this place can boast of paradise, whisper of dreams, vanquish the veil between those who sought shelter then and now. Animals, birds, humans in a circle of life, a beating heart of beauty. And I dared to name her parts.

Source: August 31: Flash Fiction Challenge « Carrot Ranch Communications